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Unveil Ageless Beauty With AgeJET Skin Resurfacing

Revive Wellness of Sarasota welcomes you to experience the transformative AgeJET skin resurfacing treatment. Aging gracefully has never been easier with AgeJET's innovative approach to rejuvenating your skin. Get in touch with our med spa in Sarasota, FL, to experience the difference of our specialized treatment options!

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What Is AgeJET?

AgeJET is a cutting-edge solution designed to combat various signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity, and pigmentation. By utilizing PlasmaResurfacing technology, AgeJET offers significant improvements over traditional resurfacing methods, ensuring predictable and safe results for your skin's structure. The AgeJET treatments we offer include AgeJET Eye, AgeJET Smooth, and AgeJET Intimate.

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Understanding the Use of Plasma in AgeJET

Nitrogen Plasma technology for skin therapy harnesses plasma energy to excite ionized nitrogen particles with ultra-high radiofrequency energy. This non-ablative process triggers collagen and elastin production, effectively targeting fine and deep wrinkles, sagging skin, discoloration, acne, and more. The results can continue to enhance up to 12 months post-treatment.

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Benefits of AgeJET

AgeJET's skin resurfacing treatment addresses a wide array of concerns, including fine lines, skin laxity, hyperpigmentation, acne, scars, and more. There are various benefits to consider before starting your AgeJet therapy including:

  • Targeted Treatments for Various Areas of Skin
  • Adjustable Energy Levels Depending on Your Preferences
  • Cooling System to Minimize Risks and Restore Skin During Treatment
  • Treatments for Multiple Conditions
  • Non-Fractional Energy to Treat the Whole Area
  • Safe and Controlled Pulses of Energy
  • Long-Lasting Results for Natural, Healthy, Firm, and Youthful Skin
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Why Choose Revive Wellness of Sarasota

Revive Wellness of Sarasota stands out as the best med spa destination, offering top-notch AgeJET skin resurfacing treatments. Our team of experts provides personalized care and ensures your comfort throughout the transformative process. Trust us to revitalize your skin and restore your confidence.

Before and After AgeJET

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What our customers are saying

I started my weight loss journey a month ago and I lost 12 pounds in one month I can’t be happier with revive wellness. Tina and Judy are amazing people they are so kind and supportive on helping me with everything I need. I also got my filler done here last week and judy did an amazing job!! Thanks for making me so comfortable Judy and Tina you guys are absolutely amazing!

- Trisha Branconi

Awesome place to get back in shape and take care of yourself. Tina is great and makes you feel spoiled. Starting medical weight loss program soon and will keep my progress posted!

- Michelle Desmond

I can’t say I got to my first weight loss appointment with to much hope but my first month showed 8 pounds off. I’m happier, smiling more and Tina is making this weight loss journey a great one! Unless you have a health issue that would stop you from starting your weight loss journey I would wholeheartedly recommend you wait no longer and shed some pounds off with Revive wellness…good luck on your journey!

- Sandra Miklavcic

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