As obesity has become increasingly more common in the U.S., it is important to find a healthy and effective way for individuals to lose weight. At Revive Wellness of Sarasota, we offer specialized weight loss programs with medical supervision, supportive motivation, and a diet and exercise plan from a nutritionist coach. We are dedicated to helping patients reach their specific weight-loss goals.

With Revive Wellness in Florida, you'll have a team of experts guiding you every step of the way, ensuring your health and well-being are always a top priority.

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Our Personalized Weight Loss Programs

Weight loss programs can come in many forms, but at Revive Wellness, our customized care approach will help you choose the right plan. Our nurse practitioners and nutrition coaches will guide you through your weight loss journey, with regular assessments to keep you on the right track. Our personalized plans are tailored to your individual needs, our program combines nutrition, exercise, and medical supervision to ensure the best possible results. We believe in you, and a healthier lifestyle is within your reach!



As part of our weight management programs in Sarasota, we provide weekly treatments of two specialized compounds that can be administered at our clinic or self-administered.

A specialized treatment stimulates the body to produce more insulin after eating, which helps in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, particularly beneficial for individuals managing type 2 diabetes. Another treatment offered promotes weight loss and regulates blood sugar levels through unique receptor interactions. These progressive therapies are part of the cutting-edge health solutions available at Revive Wellness, assisting clients in reaching their health objectives.

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These specialized treatments play a vital role in improving metabolic health and overall well-being in people wanting to lose weight in Sarasota. These injections can play a crucial role in supporting individuals on their weight loss journey by addressing metabolic processes and promoting sustainable changes to achieve their desired body composition goals.

This is because elevated blood sugar levels — with these medications help lower — can contribute to weight gain and hinder weight loss efforts. Patients may experience reduced cravings for sugary and high-calorie foods, leading to better control over their diet and ultimately supporting weight loss goals. Choose Revive Wellness of Sarasota for effective solutions!

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Why Choose Our Medical Weight Loss Services

At Revive Wellness of Sarasota, we understand the importance of safe weight loss. Our medically supervised weight loss programs ensure that your weight loss journey is safe, effective, and right for you. Some of our weight loss programs include:

  • Spray, tablets, IV, or injections of a vitamin-mineral mix

  • Convenient kits with a unique combination

  • Professional guidance by a qualified nurse practitioner

  • Diet and nutrition plans from a personal nutritionist

  • And more!

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What our customers are saying

I started my weight loss journey a month ago and I lost 12 pounds in one month I can’t be happier with revive wellness. Tina and Judy are amazing people they are so kind and supportive on helping me with everything I need. I also got my filler done here last week and judy did an amazing job!! Thanks for making me so comfortable Judy and Tina you guys are absolutely amazing!

- Trisha Branconi

Awesome place to get back in shape and take care of yourself. Tina is great and makes you feel spoiled. Starting medical weight loss program soon and will keep my progress posted!

- Michelle Desmond

I can’t say I got to my first weight loss appointment with to much hope but my first month showed 8 pounds off. I’m happier, smiling more and Tina is making this weight loss journey a great one! Unless you have a health issue that would stop you from starting your weight loss journey I would wholeheartedly recommend you wait no longer and shed some pounds off with Revive wellness…good luck on your journey!

- Sandra Miklavcic

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